2012 Softball
2012 Softball Schedule
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 3Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Black Hills State UniversityCNCL Details
 412:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Black Hills State UniversityCNCL Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Black Hills State UniversityCNCL Details
 241:30 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Kansas Wesleyan University8-0  (5)Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Kansas Wesleyan University3-11  (6)Details
 251:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Bethany College1-8 Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Bethany College5-10 Details
  1:30 PMHastings @ Kansas Wesleyan University4-5  (8)Details
  Game 2Hastings @ Kansas Wesleyan University4-3  (8)Details
 25:00 PM(RV) Friends University vs. Mount Marty8-0 Details
  7:00 PMCentral Methodist College vs. Mount Marty17-1 Details
 3 Dordt @ Friends University0-4 Details
   Dordt @ Sterling College8-15 Details
   Dordt @ Mount Mercy University2-9 Details
   Hastings vs. Tabor College8-7 Details
 Friends Tournament
   Hastings vs. Graceland University1-9 Details
 Friends Tournament
   Hastings @ Benedictine College4-6 Details
 Friends Tournament
  9:30 AMBriar Cliff vs. Northwestern Oklahoma State University9-6 Details
 Friends Tournament
  9:30 AMUniv of Science and Arts of Oklahoma vs. Mount Marty10-2 Details
  11:30 AM(RV) Morningside vs. Northwestern Oklahoma State University0-10  (5)Details
 Friends Tournament
  11:30 AMGraceland University vs. Mount Marty3-0 Details
  1:30 PMRogers State vs. Midland9-0  (5)Details
 Friends University Tournament
  1:30 PMBriar Cliff vs. (RV) Ottawa University5-10 Details
 Friends Tournament
  1:30 PM(RV) Morningside vs. (3) Oklahoma City UniversityFORFT Details
 Friends Tournament
  3:30 PMMidland vs. York College13-5 Details
 Friends University Tournament
  5:00 PMMcPherson College vs. Mount MartyCNCL Details
  7:30 PM(RV) Morningside vs. McPherson College13-5  (6)Details
 Friends Tournament
 4 Hastings vs. Bethel College11-1 Details
 Friends Tournament
   Central Methodist College vs. Hastings7-1 Details
 Friends Tournament
  9:30 AMMidland vs. Saint Gregory's University1-10 Details
 Friends University Tournament
  11:30 AMMidland vs. Univ of Science and Arts of Oklahoma0-10 Details
 Friends University Tournament
  3:30 PMMidland @ (RV) Friends University7-10 Details
 Friends University Tournament
 51:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Black Hills State University0-2 Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Black Hills State University2-1 Details
  1:30 PMNorthwestern vs. (15) Olivet Nazarene University0-11  (6)Details
 @ Tucson Invitational
  3:00 PM(RV) Morningside vs. (RV) Madonna University6-5 Details
 Mobile Classic
  3:00 PMYork College @ Concordia0-9 Details
  Game 2York College @ Concordia4-5  (8)Details
  3:30 PMNorthwestern vs. Judson College1-9  (6)Details
 @ Tucson Invitational
  5:00 PM(RV) Morningside @ (22) University of Mobile3-5 Details
 Mobile Classic
  8:00 PMNorthwestern vs. Iowa Wesleyan College6-4 Details
 @ Tucson Invitational
 612:00 PM(RV) Morningside vs. Notre Dame College6-7  (10)Details
 Mobile Classic
  1:00 PMKansas Wesleyan University @ Doane5-3 Details
  Game 2Kansas Wesleyan University @ Doane10-13  (8)Details
  3:00 PMDordt @ College of Saint Mary7-6 Details
  Game 2Dordt @ College of Saint Mary1-0 Details
  3:30 PMNorthwestern vs. Purdue University Calumet9-8 Details
 @ Tucson Invitational
  6:00 PM(RV) Morningside vs. Spring Hill College4-1 Details
 Mobile Classic
  6:00 PMNorthwestern vs. Robert Morris College4-6 Details
 @ Tucson Invitational
 710:00 AM(RV) Morningside vs. Campbellsville University1-4 Details
 82:00 PMNorthwestern vs. Alfred University4-0 Details
 @ Tucson Invitational
  4:00 PMNorthwestern vs. Trinity International University7-2 Details
 @ Tucson Invitational
  4:00 PMYork College @ Hastings5-6  (10)Details
  Game 2York College @ Hastings3-5 Details
  8:00 PMNorthwestern vs. Cornerstone University11-3  (5)Details
 @ Tucson Invitational
 910:00 AM(RV) Morningside vs. (5) Brenau UniversityRAIN Details
 Gulf Shores Invitational
  10:30 AMDoane vs. Sterling College7-1 Details
  12:00 PMNorthwestern vs. (RV) William Penn University0-12  (5)Details
 @ Tucson Invitational
  12:30 PMDoane vs. Friends University10-2 Details
  12:30 PMHastings vs. McPherson College5-1 Details
 McPherson Tournament
  2:00 PM(RV) Morningside vs. (14) Lindsey Wilson0-9 Details
 Gulf Shores Invitational
  2:00 PMNorthwestern vs. Calumet College of St. Joseph2-1 Details
 @ Tucson Invitational
  4:30 PMDoane vs. Bethany College0-6 Details
  6:30 PMTabor College vs. Hastings4-14 Details
 McPherson Tournament
 108:30 AMDoane vs. Bethel College5-4 Details
  8:30 AMHastings vs. Bethel College10-1 Details
 McPherson Tournament
  9:00 AM(RV) Morningside vs. Walsh University2-1 Details
 Gulf Shores Invitational
  10:30 AMHastings vs. Kansas Wesleyan University6-5 Details
 McPherson Tournament
  11:00 AM(RV) Morningside vs. (RV) Lee University4-3 Details
 Gulf Shores Invitational
  12:00 PMDordt vs. (15) Olivet Nazarene University3-9 Details
  12:00 PMConcordia @ Webber International1-0  (8)Details
 Spring Break Tournament - Florida
  12:30 PMBriar Cliff @ Sterling College11-2  (5)Details
 McPherson Tournament
  1:00 PMMidland @ (RV) Ottawa University1-9 Details
  Game 2Midland @ (RV) Ottawa University0-6 Details
  2:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ (8) Concordia University1-10  (5)Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ (8) Concordia University0-8  (5)Details
  Game 2Concordia @ Webber International1-9  (6)Details
 Spring Break Tournament - Florida
  2:30 PMDordt vs. University of Great Falls1-2 Details
  2:30 PMDoane vs. Tabor College11-3  (5)Details
  2:30 PMHastings vs. Mid America Christian12-2 Details
 McPherson Tournament
  3:00 PM(RV) Morningside vs. (13) Auburn University Montgomery3-4 Details
 Gulf Shores Invitational
  4:30 PMBriar Cliff @ McPherson College10-5 Details
 McPherson Tournament
 111:30 PMMidland @ Kansas Wesleyan University3-4 Details
  Game 2Midland @ Kansas Wesleyan University1-9  (5)Details
 12 Park University vs. Mount Marty12-0 Details
   Mount Marty vs. Missouri Valley College4-5 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ (RV) Warner University0-3 Details
 Spring Break Tournament - Florida
  12:00 PMDordt vs. Waldorf College0-3 Details
  12:00 PMConcordia @ (RV) Warner University1-2 Details
 Spring Break Tournament - Florida
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ Tennessee Wesleyan  Details
  4:30 PMDordt @ (RV) Dickinson State University6-3 Details
  5:00 PMYork College @ Doane0-8  (5)Details
  5:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Bethel College0-6 Details
  5:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ La Sierra University2-8 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ La Sierra University6-7 Details
  7:00 PMDordt vs. Missouri Valley College5-4 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ Bethel College11-1  (5)Details
 13 Mount Marty vs. (RV) Dickinson State University0-8 Details
   Mount Marty vs. Patten University1-3 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ Florida Southern1-3 Details
 Spring Break Tournament - Florida
  3:00 PM(RV) Bellevue University @ Doane5-4 Details
  Game 2(RV) Bellevue University @ Doane8-1 Details
  4:00 PMBethany College @ Hastings2-1 Details
  Game 2Bethany College @ Hastings6-2 Details
  4:30 PMPeru State College @ Midland2-0 Details
  Game 2Peru State College @ Midland6-3 Details
  5:30 PMConcordia @ Florida Southern1-5 Details
 Spring Break Tournament - Florida
  6:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ (11) Azusa Pacific University0-9  (5)Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ (11) Azusa Pacific University0-9  (6)Details
 14Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ (RV) Biola University1-3 Details
   Concordia @ Eckerd College2-6 Details
 Spring Break Tournament - Florida
  2:30 PMDordt vs. (7) Lubbock Christian0-10 Details
  4:00 PMConcordia @ Eckerd College7-5 Details
 Spring Break Tournament - Florida
  4:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Bethany College2-8 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ Bethany College3-13  (5)Details
  4:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ (RV) Biola University2-3 Details
  4:30 PMDordt vs. Park University0-6 Details
 15 Mount Marty vs. (RV) Huntington University2-4 Details
   Waldorf College vs. Mount Marty6-3  (8)Details
  Game 2Peru State College @ Doane13-3 Details
  9:00 AMDordt vs. Park University3-10 Details
  11:00 AMDordt vs. Mayville State University3-2 Details
  11:00 AMBriar Cliff @ Sterling College3-1 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ Sterling College19-3  (6)Details
  3:00 PMPeru State College @ Doane14-6  (5)Details
 16 (RV) Dickinson State University vs. Mount Marty7-1 Details
   (RV) Huntington University vs. Mount Marty9-7 Details
  9:30 AMDordt vs. (RV) Dickinson State University7-6 Details
  11:30 AMDordt vs. (7) Lubbock Christian2-10 Details
 174:00 PMNorthwestern @ Dakota State University5-0 Details
  Game 2Northwestern @ Dakota State University9-5 Details
 181:00 PM(RV) Nebraska Wesleyan vs. (RV) Indiana Institute of Technology1-2 Details
 NTC Florida Tournament
  Game 2(RV) Nebraska Wesleyan vs. (RV) Oklahoma City University0-8 Details
  1:00 PMDoane @ La Sierra University11-3 Details
  Game 2Doane @ La Sierra University1-0 Details
 199:00 AM(RV) Nebraska Wesleyan vs. Taylor University4-12 Details
 NTC Florida Tournament
  Game 2(RV) Nebraska Wesleyan vs. Taylor University3-5 Details
  1:00 PMDoane @ Hope International University1-7 Details
  Game 2Doane @ Hope International University6-7 Details
  1:30 PMHastings @ Augsburg College8-7 Details
  3:00 PMMidland vs. (RV) Indiana Institute of Technology4-5 Details
 NTC Spring Games
  3:30 PMCarleton College @ Hastings0-11 Details
 Tucson invitational games
  5:00 PMMidland vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene University2-4 Details
 NTC Spring Games
  5:30 PMHastings @ Graceland University2-4  (8)Details
 209:00 AMUniversity of British Columbia @ Hastings5-0 Details
 Tucson Invitational Games
  11:30 AMHastings @ University of British Columbia6-7 Details
 Tucson invitational Games
  3:00 PMMayville State University @ (RV) Morningside3-1 Details
  Game 2Mayville State University @ (RV) Morningside1-9  (6)Details
  3:00 PMMidland vs. Taylor University6-5 Details
 NTC Spring Games
  Game 2Midland vs. Taylor University4-3 Details
  3:30 PMSaint Gregory's University @ Hastings12-4 Details
 Tucson Invitational Games
  5:00 PM(RV) Bellevue University @ Northwestern7-2 Details
  Game 2(RV) Bellevue University @ Northwestern15-3  (5)Details
  7:00 PMMidland vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene University14-2 Details
 NTC Spring Games
 219:00 AMMidland vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene University1-4 Details
 NTC Spring Games
  9:00 AMSaint Gregory's University @ Hastings11-3 Details
 Tucson Invitational Games
  11:00 AM(1) California State University-San Marcos @ Hastings7-2 Details
 Tucson Invitational Games
  1:00 PMDoane @ (RV) Vanguard University3-4 Details
  Game 2Doane @ (RV) Vanguard University1-3 Details
  1:00 PMMayville State University @ Mount Marty6-1 Details
  2:15 PM(1) California State University-San Marcos @ Hastings11-1 Details
 Tucson Invitational Games
  Game 2Mayville State University @ Mount Marty3-4 Details
  4:00 PMWaldorf College @ Briar CliffRAIN Details
  5:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan vs. (RV) SCAD Savannah2-10 Details
 NTC Florida Tournament
  Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan vs. (RV) SCAD Savannah2-10 Details
  Game 2Waldorf College @ Briar CliffRAIN Details
 229:00 AMMidland vs. (RV) SCAD Savannah0-8  (5)Details
 NTC Spring Games
  Game 2Midland vs. (RV) SCAD Savannah4-2 Details
  2:00 PMDoane @ Biola University1-7 Details
  Game 2Doane @ Biola University6-10 Details
  4:00 PMBuena Vista University @ Dordt4-1 Details
  Game 2Buena Vista University @ Dordt0-4  (8)Details
  5:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene University1-3 Details
 NTC Florida Tournament
  7:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan vs. Taylor University5-4  (8)Details
 NTC Florida Tournament
 233:00 PMMidland vs. (4) Oklahoma City University0-4 Details
 NTC Spring Games
 Game 2Concordia @ Northwestern4-6 Details
  5:00 PMMidland @ University of Sioux Falls6-8 Details
 NTC Games
 5:00 PMConcordia @ Northwestern9-10 Details
 2412:00 PMNorthwestern @ Buena Vista University0-9  (5)Details
  Game 2Northwestern @ Buena Vista University5-3 Details
 1:00 PMConcordia @ Dordt2-0 Details
 Game 2Concordia @ Dordt4-2 Details
251:00 PMHastings @ Dakota Wesleyan5-6 Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Dakota Wesleyan1-4 Details
263:00 PMDordt @ Morningside5-4  (11)Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Morningside8-3 Details
 273:00 PMMayville State University @ Dordt1-2 Details
  Game 2Mayville State University @ Dordt8-0  (6)Details
 3:00 PMNorthwestern @ Dakota Wesleyan5-2 Details
 Game 2Northwestern @ Dakota Wesleyan2-1 Details
 4:00 PMDoane @ Concordia2-3  (9)Details
 Game 2Doane @ Concordia3-7 Details
 4:00 PMMount Marty @ Briar Cliff7-6 Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Briar Cliff2-5 Details
 5:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Hastings4-3 Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Hastings3-4  (9)Details
 284:30 PM(RV) Bellevue University @ Midland5-6  (8)Details
  Game 2(RV) Bellevue University @ Midland2-1  (8)Details
  5:00 PMCentral Christian College @ Concordia3-8 Details
  Game 2Central Christian College @ Concordia4-12  (6)Details
 301:00 PMNorthwestern vs. Dickinson State University0-10  (5)Details
 Morningside Tournament
  3:00 PMMorningside vs. Mayville State University5-9 Details
 Morningside Invitational
  3:00 PMNorthwestern vs. University of Jamestown2-1 Details
 @ Morningside Tournament
  3:00 PMCollege of Saint Mary @ Dordt1-6 Details
  Game 2College of Saint Mary @ Dordt7-10 Details
  5:00 PMMorningside vs. University of Jamestown5-4 Details
 Morningside Invitational
  5:00 PMNorthwestern vs. Valley City State University4-3 Details
 @ Morningside Tournament
  5:00 PMConcordia @ (RV) Bethany College2-3 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ (RV) Bethany College1-7 Details
 3111:00 AMValley City State University vs. Midland3-1 Details
 Morningside College Tournament
  11:00 AMDakota Wesleyan vs. University of Jamestown0-8  (5)Details
 Morningside Tournament
  11:00 AMNorthwestern vs. Mayville State University1-6 Details
 @ Morningside Tournament
  1:00 PMDakota State University vs. Midland0-4 Details
 Morningside College Tournament
  1:00 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. Valley City State University0-13  (5)Details
 Morningside Tournament
  1:00 PMMorningside vs. (RV) Bellevue University1-0 Details
 Morningside Invitational
 1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Nebraska Wesleyan3-8 Details
 1:00 PMDordt @ Hastings1-0 Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Hastings2-0 Details
  3:00 PMMayville State University vs. Midland1-4 Details
 Morningside College Tournament
  3:00 PMMorningside vs. Dickinson State University3-2 Details
 Morningside Invitational
  3:00 PMNorthwestern vs. Dakota State University2-0 Details
 @ Morningside Tournament
  3:00 PMUniversity of Jamestown vs. Mount Marty4-1  (7)Details
 Game 2Briar Cliff @ Nebraska Wesleyan6-2 Details
  5:00 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. Mayville State University8-3 Details
 Morningside Tournament
  5:00 PMDickinson State University vs. Mount Marty15-1  (5)Details
 111:00 AMDickinson State University vs. Midland1-3 Details
 Morningside College Tournament
  11:00 AMDakota Wesleyan vs. University of Jamestown0-8  (6)Details
 Morningside Tournament
  11:00 AMMount Marty vs. Valley City State University0-8  (5)Details
  1:00 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. Dickinson State University2-7 Details
 Morningside Tournament
  1:00 PMMorningside @ Valley City State University1-5 Details
 Morningside Invitational
  1:00 PMDakota State University vs. Mount Marty5-4  (8)Details
  1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ College of Saint Mary4-5  (8)Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ College of Saint Mary7-4 Details
  3:00 PMUniversity of Jamestown vs. Midland6-1 Details
 Morningside College Tournament
  3:00 PMMorningside vs. Dakota State University6-4 Details
 Morningside Invitational
 34:00 PMMidland @ York College4-12  (5)Details
  Game 2Midland @ York College6-4 Details
  5:00 PMBuena Vista University @ Nebraska Wesleyan2-1 Details
  Game 2Buena Vista University @ Nebraska Wesleyan2-3 Details
  5:00 PMConcordia @ (RV) Bellevue University2-5 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ (RV) Bellevue University0-5 Details
 43:30 PM(RV) Bethany College @ Doane7-3 Details
 4:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Briar Cliff3-1 Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Briar Cliff2-4 Details
 5:00 PMHastings @ MidlandPPD Details
 Game 2Hastings @ MidlandPPD Details
 5:00 PMMount Marty @ Dordt6-7 Details
 5:00 PMMorningside @ Northwestern0-8  (6)Details
 Game 2Morningside @ Northwestern8-0  (5)Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Dordt2-7 Details
 54:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ York College0-2 Details
  Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ York College3-2 Details
 612:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Grinnell College12-2  (6)Details
 Grinnell Tournament
  2:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan vs. Washington7-5  (11)Details
 Grinnell Tournament
 2:00 PMMorningside @ Hastings9-0  (5)Details
 Game 2Morningside @ Hastings4-8 Details
  5:00 PMUniversity of Sioux Falls @ Northwestern2-4  (9)Details
  Game 2University of Sioux Falls @ Northwestern2-4  (10)Details
 710:00 AMNebraska Wesleyan vs. Westminster College6-5 Details
 Grinnell Tournament
  1:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ University of Sioux Falls1-7 Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ University of Sioux Falls4-6 Details
  4:00 PMWashington vs. Nebraska Wesleyan13-2  (6)Details
 Grinnell Tournament
 93:00 PMMidland @ College of Saint Mary17-0 Details
  Game 2Midland @ College of Saint Mary7-4 Details
 103:00 PMYork College @ Doane9-8 Details
  4:00 PMHastings @ Bellevue University0-1 Details
 4:00 PMMorningside @ Briar Cliff7-0 Details
 Game 2Morningside @ Briar Cliff19-0 Details
  Game 2York College @ Doane8-7 Details
 5:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Mount Marty2-1 Details
 5:00 PMMidland @ Nebraska Wesleyan5-7 Details
 Game 2Midland @ Nebraska Wesleyan9-1  (5)Details
 5:00 PMNorthwestern @ Dordt8-2 Details
 Game 2Northwestern @ Dordt5-0 Details
  Game 2Hastings @ Bellevue University4-5 Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Mount Marty3-0 Details
 113:00 PMDoane @ College of Saint Mary4-0 Details
  Game 2Doane @ College of Saint Mary16-3  (5)Details
 5:00 PMHastings @ Concordia0-2 Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Concordia5-2 Details
 125:00 PMDakota State University @ Mount Marty2-3  (8)Details
  Game 2Dakota State University @ Mount Marty6-2 Details
135:00 PMNorthwestern @ Midland4-0 Details
 Game 2Northwestern @ Midland3-0 Details
 5:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Dakota WesleyanPPD Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Dakota WesleyanPPD Details
1411:00 AMDordt @ Midland3-2 Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Midland0-2 Details
  1:00 PMDakota State University @ Dakota Wesleyan2-4 Details
  Game 2Dakota State University @ Dakota Wesleyan3-7 Details
 1:00 PMNorthwestern @ DoaneCNCL Details
 2:00 PMMount Marty @ Nebraska WesleyanPPD Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Nebraska WesleyanPPD Details
 165:00 PMMount Marty @ Dakota State UniversityCNCL Details
  7:00 PMMount Marty @ Dakota State UniversityCNCL Details
173:00 PMMorningside @ Dakota Wesleyan5-6 Details
 Game 2Morningside @ Dakota Wesleyan2-3 Details
 3:00 PMDoane @ Briar Cliff4-2 Details
 Game 2Doane @ Briar Cliff5-3 Details
183:00 PMMidland @ Doane3-0 Details
  3:00 PMUniversity of Sioux Falls @ Morningside0-4 Details
  Game 2University of Sioux Falls @ Morningside1-9  (6)Details
 Game 2Midland @ Doane0-1 Details
  5:00 PMDakota State University @ Dakota Wesleyan2-4 Details
  Game 2Dakota State University @ Dakota Wesleyan2-5 Details
 5:00 PMMount Marty @ Northwestern0-6 Details
 5:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Dordt1-2 Details
 Game 2Briar Cliff @ Dordt4-9 Details
 5:00 PMConcordia @ Nebraska Wesleyan2-0 Details
 Game 2Concordia @ Nebraska Wesleyan4-5 Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Northwestern0-4 Details
 191:00 PMDakota State University @ Mount MartyRAIN Details
  Game 2Dakota State University @ Mount MartyRAIN Details
 5:00 PMHastings @ MidlandPPD Details
 Make-Up Date from April 4th, 2012
 Game 2Hastings @ MidlandPPD Details
204:00 PMConcordia @ Mount Marty5-0 Details
 Game 2Concordia @ Mount Marty1-2 Details
211:00 PM(RV) Northwestern @ Hastings0-1 Details
 Game 2(RV) Northwestern @ Hastings10-1 Details
 1:00 PMDordt @ Doane4-5 Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Doane0-4 Details
 1:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Midland6-2 Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Midland0-5 Details
 1:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Morningside2-4 Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Morningside2-3 Details
 2:00 PMConcordia @ Briar Cliff6-5  (10)Details
 Game 2Concordia @ Briar Cliff8-3 Details
 221:00 PMPeru State College @ Hastings3-11 Details
  Game 2Peru State College @ Hastings13-1 Details
 1:00 PMMorningside @ Doane1-7 Details
 Game 2Morningside @ Doane5-8 Details
 2:00 PMMidland @ Mount Marty5-0 Details
 Game 2Midland @ Mount Marty2-1 Details
 2:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Dakota Wesleyan1-9  (5)Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Dakota Wesleyan10-6 Details
 233:00 PM(RV) Northwestern @ Waldorf College2-1 Details
  Game 2(RV) Northwestern @ Waldorf College8-1 Details
243:00 PMMount Marty @ Morningside1-5 Details
 5:00 PMDoane @ Hastings5-6  (8)Details
 Game 2Doane @ Hastings9-0 Details
 5:00 PMMidland @ Concordia6-7 Details
 Game 2Midland @ Concordia3-2 Details
 5:00 PMDordt @ Dakota Wesleyan4-0 Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Dakota Wesleyan1-3 Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Morningside0-7 Details
 5:00 PMBriar Cliff @ (RV) Northwestern0-2 Details
 Game 2Briar Cliff @ (RV) Northwestern2-3 Details
254:00 PMMorningside @ Concordia1-0 Details
 5:00 PMDoane @ Nebraska Wesleyan2-1 Details
 Game 2Doane @ Nebraska Wesleyan4-5 Details
 5:00 PMHastings @ Midland3-2 Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Midland8-9 Details
 Game 2Morningside @ Concordia1-2  (10)Details
 263:00 PMUniversity of Jamestown @ Briar Cliff2-0 Details
 Pink Game
 5:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ (RV) Northwestern4-5 Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ (RV) Northwestern2-6 Details
  Game 2University of Jamestown @ Briar Cliff2-3 Details
 Pink Game
281:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Dordt3-2  (8)Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Dordt9-4 Details
 1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Midland1-2 Details
 Game 2Briar Cliff @ Midland3-4 Details
 2:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Concordia2-5 Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Concordia1-2 Details
 3:00 PMHastings @ Mount Marty14-0  (5)Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Mount Marty3-2 Details
29Game 2Hastings @ Briar Cliff5-1 Details
 1:00 PMHastings @ Briar Cliff4-3 Details
 1:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Doane2-6 Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Doane2-3 Details
303:00 PMMidland @ Morningside6-7 Details
 Make Up from April 27th
 Game 2Midland @ Morningside1-2 Details
 5:00 PMMount Marty @ Nebraska Wesleyan4-8 Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Nebraska Wesleyan4-1 Details
13:00 PMDoane @ Mount Marty10-7 Details
 Game 2Doane @ Mount Marty8-0  (6)Details
 32:00 PMHastings vs. (RV) Northwestern3-6 Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex)
  2:00 PMMidland @ Doane2-11  (5)Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex)
  2:00 PMDordt vs. Concordia3-8 Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex)
  2:00 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. Morningside0-4 Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex)
  4:00 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. Hastings3-5 Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex) - Elimination Game
  4:00 PMMidland @ Dordt4-3 Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex) - Elimination Game
  4:00 PMMorningside vs. Northwestern11-3  (6)Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex) - Winners Bracket
  4:00 PMConcordia vs. Doane5-6 Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex) - Winners Bracket
 412:00 PMMidland @ Northwestern1-0 Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex) - Elimination Game
  12:00 PMConcordia vs. Hastings0-3 Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex) - Elimination Game
  2:00 PMMorningside vs. Doane4-3 Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex) - Winners Bracket Final
  2:00 PMMidland @ Hastings6-3 Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex) - Elimination Game
  6:00 PMMidland @ Doane4-3 Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex) - Losers Bracket Final
 512:00 PMMidland @ Morningside1-8 Details
 GPAC Softball Tournament - Hastings, Nebraska (Smith Complex) - Championship
 173:30 PM(4) Central Baptist College vs. (RV) Morningside8-0  (6)Details
 NAIA National Softball Championship (Pool Play) - Gulf Shores, Alabama
 182:00 PM(13) Lee University vs. (RV) Morningside8-0  (5)Details
 NAIA National Softball Championship (Pool Play) - Gulf Shores, Alabama
 1911:30 AM(22) Reinhardt University vs. (RV) Morningside9-0  (5)Details
 NAIA National Softball Championship (Pool Play) - Gulf Shores, Alabama
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