2012 Baseball
2012 Baseball Schedule
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  • %Scrimmage
  • ^ Exhibition
  • Event times are (CST)
 266:00 PM(RV) Doane @ (RV) Texas Brownsville0-1 Details
 276:00 PM(RV) Doane @ (RV) Texas Brownsville3-2 Details
 2811:00 AM(RV) Doane @ (RV) Texas Brownsville3-4 Details
  2:30 PM(RV) Doane @ (RV) Texas Brownsville2-7 Details
 410:00 AMHastings @ (1) Oklahoma City University1-2 Details
  12:00 PMHastings vs. Grand View University7-5 Details
 at Oklahoma City
 512:00 PMHastings vs. Grand View University7-6  (8)Details
 at Oklahoma City
  3:00 PMHastings @ (1) Oklahoma City University3-9 Details
 1111:00 AMHastings @ Regis UniversityCNCL Details
  3:30 PMMidland vs. Grand View University5-8 Details
  Game 2Midland vs. Grand View University1-5 Details
 1210:30 AMGrand View University vs. Midland5-1 Details
  11:00 AMHastings @ Regis UniversityCNCL Details
  Game 2Grand View University vs. Midland3-1 Details
 17Game 2Dickinson State University vs. Dakota Wesleyan1-4 Details
 at the Metrodome
  3:00 PMDickinson State University vs. Dakota Wesleyan1-3 Details
 at the Metrodome
  8:00 PMNorthwestern vs. William Penn University7-0 Details
  Game 2Northwestern vs. William Penn University4-2 Details
 187:30 AMDickinson State University vs. Dakota Wesleyan2-5 Details
 at the Metrodome
  Game 2Dickinson State University vs. Dakota Wesleyan8-4 Details
 at the Metrodome
  11:00 AMHastings @ Metropolitan State College of Denver3-6 Details
  Game 2Hastings @ Metropolitan State College of Denver3-1 Details
  12:00 PMConcordia @ Bethany College1-2 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ Bethany College9-8 Details
  1:00 PM(RV) Doane @ (9) Oklahoma Baptist University6-3 Details
  2:30 PMMount Marty @ Dallas Christian CollegeRAIN Details
  5:00 PMNorthwestern vs. William Penn University2-1 Details
  Game 2Northwestern vs. William Penn University5-1 Details
  5:30 PMMount Marty @ Park UniversityRAIN Details
  9:45 PMMorningside vs. Saint Ambrose University11-4 Details
  Game 2Morningside vs. Saint Ambrose University6-7 Details
 1911:00 AMHastings @ Metropolitan State College of Denver5-12 Details
  Game 2Hastings @ Metropolitan State College of Denver8-9 Details
  12:00 PMMount Marty @ Dallas Christian CollegeRAIN Details
  12:00 PMConcordia @ Bethany College5-11 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ Bethany College10-1 Details
  1:00 PM(RV) Doane @ (9) Oklahoma Baptist University3-9 Details
  2:00 PMMorningside vs. Saint Ambrose University4-3  (8)Details
  Game 2Morningside vs. Saint Ambrose University4-3 Details
  2:30 PMMount Marty @ Park UniversityRAIN Details
  4:00 PM(RV) Doane @ Saint Gregory's University6-5 Details
 2011:00 AMMount Marty @ Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College11-3 Details
  Game 2Mount Marty @ Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College5-3 Details
 223:30 PM(RV) Doane @ Manhattan Christian College24-8 Details
 2412:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Sterling College1-3 Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Sterling College0-3 Details
  1:00 PMConcordia @ MidAmerica Nazarene University2-3 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ MidAmerica Nazarene University6-7 Details
  2:00 PMHastings @ Oklahoma Wesleyan University9-10 Details
  2:00 PMDordt @ Manhattan Christian College16-4 Details
  Game 2Dordt @ Manhattan Christian College5-2 Details
  3:00 PMMorningside @ (RV) Tabor College6-7 Details
 25 Mount Marty @ Central Methodist College3-2 Details
  Game 2Mount Marty @ Central Methodist College3-4 Details
  11:00 AMHastings @ Oklahoma Wesleyan University9-10  (8)Details
  Game 2Hastings @ Oklahoma Wesleyan University5-9 Details
  12:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Sterling College15-18 Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Sterling College3-13 Details
 Called after five innings due to dark
  12:00 PMDordt @ Manhattan Christian College0-6 Details
  Game 2Dordt @ Manhattan Christian College6-2 Details
  12:00 PMConcordia @ MidAmerica Nazarene University6-16 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ MidAmerica Nazarene University6-4 Details
  1:00 PMMidland @ Benedictine College1-2 Details
  Game 2Midland @ Benedictine College2-3 Details
  1:00 PMMorningside @ (RV) Tabor College7-8 Details
  Game 2Morningside @ (RV) Tabor College3-12 Details
  1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Friends University0-3 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ Friends University4-2 Details
  1:30 PM(RV) Doane vs. Viterbo University8-0 Details
  6:30 PM(RV) Doane vs. Ozark Christian College16-0 Details
 26 Mount Marty @ Central Methodist College15-10 Details
  Game 2Mount Marty @ Central Methodist College2-3 Details
  11:00 AM(RV) Doane vs. Waldorf College3-1 Details
  12:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Friends University3-2 Details
  12:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Bethany College15-18  (8)Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Bethany College5-6 Details
  12:00 PMMidland @ Benedictine College7-8  (11)Details
  Game 2Midland @ Benedictine College5-14 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ Friends University1-13 Details
  1:30 PM(RV) Doane vs. (RV) Culver-Stockton College7-1 Details
 284:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Manhattan Christian CollegeRAIN Details
 21:00 PMConcordia @ Oklahoma Wesleyan University1-10 Details
  2:00 PMNorthwestern vs. (RV) William Woods University3-8 Details
  2:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Sterling College0-4 Details
  4:00 PMConcordia vs. Missouri Valley College2-3 Details
  4:00 PMMidAmerica Nazarene University vs. Northwestern2-1 Details
 311:00 AMConcordia vs. Missouri Valley College7-4 Details
  11:00 AMNorthwestern vs. (RV) William Woods University1-10 Details
  11:00 AMHastings @ Bethany College4-11 Details
  12:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Sterling College1-4 Details
  1:00 PMValley City State University @ Midland5-11 Details
  Game 2Valley City State University @ Midland5-17 Details
  1:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Kansas Wesleyan University4-6 Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Kansas Wesleyan University6-9 Details
  1:00 PMBriar Cliff vs. Ottawa University7-4 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff vs. Ottawa University5-1 Details
  Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Sterling College0-2 Details
  1:30 PMGraceland University @ (RV) Doane0-10  (7)Details
  2:00 PMConcordia @ Oklahoma Wesleyan University2-6 Details
  Game 2Hastings @ Bethany College1-5 Details
  2:00 PMMorningside @ College of the Ozarks4-2 Details
  Game 2Morningside @ College of the Ozarks7-10 Details
  3:00 PMNorthwestern vs. MidAmerica Nazarene University3-1 Details
 412:00 PMHastings @ Bethany College5-8 Details
  12:00 PMValley City State University @ Midland1-0 Details
  Game 2Valley City State University @ Midland12-10 Details
  12:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Avila University3-4 Details
  12:30 PMGraceland University @ (RV) Doane6-11 Details
  1:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Kansas Wesleyan University7-3 Details
  Game 2Graceland University @ (RV) Doane2-12 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ Avila University3-9 Details
  2:00 PMMorningside @ College of the Ozarks8-11 Details
  Game 2Morningside @ College of the Ozarks16-8 Details
  3:00 PMHastings @ Bethany College5-8 Details
 5 Malone College vs. Northwestern0-9 Details
 Russmatt Spring Break Invitational
  Game 2Northwestern vs. Malone College2-9 Details
 69:00 AMNorthwestern vs. Benedictine College6-11 Details
 Russmatt Spring Break Invitational
  1:00 PMConcordia @ Manhattan Christian College8-3 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ Manhattan Christian College20-0 Details
  2:00 PMMorningside @ Friends University10-1 Details
  3:00 PM(22) York College @ Nebraska Wesleyan21-3  (7)Details
 7 Northwestern vs. Indiana Wesleyan University8-12 Details
 Russmatt Spring Break Invitational
  2:30 PMMorningside @ (RV) Tabor College3-8 Details
  5:00 PMMidland @ (22) York College4-10 Details
 8 Northwestern vs. University of Jamestown12-7 Details
  Game 2Northwestern vs. University of Jamestown2-4 Details
  3:00 PMMorningside @ Manhattan Christian College15-3 Details
 9 Northwestern vs. Malone College13-11 Details
 Russmatt Spring Break Invitational
  Game 2Malone College vs. Northwestern10-11 Details
  3:00 PMMorningside @ Manhattan Christian College29-0 Details
  3:30 PMSterling College @ (RV) Doane1-3 Details
 10 Northwestern vs. Minot State University6-3 Details
 Russmatt Spring Break Invitational
  Game 2Northwestern vs. Minot State University1-12 Details
  Game 2Midland @ Avila University1-8 Details
  10:00 AMConcordia vs. Viterbo University2-1 Details
 RussMatt Invitational
  12:00 PMMorningside @ Manhattan Christian College8-2 Details
  Game 2Morningside @ Manhattan Christian College12-4 Details
  12:00 PMMidland @ Avila University0-3 Details
  12:00 PMSterling College @ (RV) Doane1-2 Details
  Game 2Sterling College @ (RV) Doane2-7 Details
  12:00 PMMount Marty @ Hiwassee College8-3 Details
  Game 2Mount Marty @ Hiwassee College8-0 Details
  12:30 PMConcordia vs. Trinity Christian College3-7 Details
 RussMatt Invitational
  1:00 PMHastings @ Friends University5-1 Details
  2:00 PMDordt vs. Indiana Wesleyan University0-5 Details
  Game 2Dordt vs. Indiana Wesleyan University0-7 Details
  2:30 PMBriar Cliff vs. Benedictine College10-7 Details
 Spring Break @ Kansas Wesleyan
  Game 2Hastings @ Friends University1-2 Details
  5:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Kansas Wesleyan University5-2 Details
 Spring Break
 11Game 2Midland @ Avila UniversityRAIN Details
  Game 2Saint Ambrose University vs. Dakota Wesleyan4-5  (8)Details
  12:00 PMHastings @ Friends University5-1  (9)Details
  12:00 PMMidland @ Avila UniversityRAIN Details
  12:00 PMBriar Cliff vs. Benedictine CollegeRAIN Details
 Spring Break @ Kansas Wesleyan
  1:00 PMSaint Ambrose University vs. Dakota Wesleyan13-15 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ Kansas Wesleyan UniversityRAIN Details
 Spring Break
 12 Mount Marty @ Montreat College2-1 Details
  Game 2Mount Marty @ Montreat College5-8 Details
  12:00 PMNorwich University vs. Dakota Wesleyan2-14 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  1:00 PMDordt vs. Wisconsin-Stout11-18 Details
  Game 2Dordt vs. Wisconsin-Stout4-10 Details
  2:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Kansas Wesleyan University6-3 Details
 Spring Trip
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ Kansas Wesleyan University3-4 Details
 Spring Trip
  4:00 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. Valley City State University2-6 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  6:00 PMConcordia vs. Roosevelt University15-2 Details
 RussMatt Invitational
 13 Mount Marty @ Trinity Christian College5-1 Details
  Game 2Mount Marty @ Trinity Christian College9-10 Details
  Game 2Dickinson State University vs. Dakota Wesleyan16-4 Details
  10:00 AMConcordia vs. Roosevelt University9-3 Details
 RussMatt Invitational
  12:00 PMConcordia vs. Roosevelt University6-5 Details
 RussMatt Invitational
  1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Oklahoma Christian University5-4 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ Oklahoma Christian University16-10 Details
 Spring Break
  1:00 PMDickinson State University vs. Dakota Wesleyan11-10  (8)Details
 Spring Break Trip
  2:00 PMDordt vs. Albright College4-11 Details
  Game 2Dordt vs. Albright College4-5 Details
  3:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Peru State College17-7  (7)Details
  4:00 PMMidAmerica Nazarene University @ (RV) Doane6-3 Details
 142:00 PMDordt vs. Springfield College2-5 Details
  2:00 PMMorningside @ Grand View University6-0 Details
  Game 2Morningside @ Grand View University12-10 Details
  3:00 PMPeru State College @ Nebraska Wesleyan10-0  (7)Details
  4:00 PMBriar Cliff @ (9) Oklahoma Baptist University4-7 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ (9) Oklahoma Baptist University2-8 Details
 Spring Break
 15 Mount Marty @ Mount Vernon Nazarene University3-4  (8)Details
  Game 2Mount Marty @ Mount Vernon Nazarene University0-3 Details
  12:00 PMDordt @ Marian College3-2 Details
  4:00 PMDickinson State University vs. Dakota Wesleyan2-7 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  8:00 PMValley City State University vs. Dakota Wesleyan0-12 Details
 Spring Break Trip
 16Game 2Valley City State University vs. Dakota Wesleyan2-7 Details
   Concordia vs. Huntington University4-2 Details
 RussMatt Baseball Invite
  Game 2Concordia vs. Huntington University4-2 Details
  10:30 AMMount Marty @ Spring Arbor University2-4 Details
  Game 2Mount Marty @ Spring Arbor University0-2 Details
  11:00 AMDordt vs. Concordia University-Wisconsin9-2 Details
  12:00 PMValley City State University vs. Dakota Wesleyan5-6 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  1:00 PMMorningside @ (RV) Bellevue University0-1 Details
  Game 2Morningside @ (RV) Bellevue University0-4 Details
  4:30 PMUniversity of Jamestown @ Midland7-8 Details
 17 Concordia vs. Northwood University0-5 Details
 RussMatt Baseball Invite
  11:00 AMCarthage College vs. Dakota Wesleyan14-1 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  Game 2University of Jamestown @ Midland4-1 Details
  1:00 PMBuena Vista University @ Nebraska Wesleyan8-2 Details
  Game 2Buena Vista University @ Nebraska Wesleyan19-4 Details
  1:00 PMUniversity of Jamestown @ Midland7-0 Details
  1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ (1) Oklahoma City University3-13 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ (1) Oklahoma City University0-18 Details
 Spring Break
  2:00 PMDakota State University @ Hastings3-1 Details
  Game 2Dakota State University @ Hastings1-5 Details
  5:00 PMNorthwestern @ (RV) Bellevue University8-3 Details
 1812:00 PMUniversity of Jamestown @ Morningside5-12 Details
  1:00 PMBuena Vista University @ Nebraska Wesleyan13-7 Details
  1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ (1) Oklahoma City University0-7 Details
 Spring Break
  2:00 PM(RV) Doane @ Ave Marie University4-1 Details
  Game 2University of Jamestown @ Morningside4-5 Details
  2:00 PMDakota State University @ Hastings2-4 Details
  Game 2Dakota State University @ Hastings3-1 Details
 199:30 AMMidland vs. Kansas Wesleyan University13-12  (10)Details
 Spring Break Trip - March 18-23
  12:00 PMMidland @ Arizona ChristianRAIN Details
 Southwestern College is now Arizona Christian University
  12:00 PM(RV) Doane @ Northwood University0-4 Details
  Game 2(RV) Doane @ Northwood University2-3  (10)Details
 209:00 AMMidland vs. Williams College4-9 Details
 Spring Break Trip - March 18-23
  Game 2(RV) Bellevue University @ Briar Cliff  Details
  2:00 PMMayville State University @ Morningside3-11 Details
  Game 2Mayville State University @ Morningside8-3 Details
  3:00 PM(RV) Bellevue University @ Briar Cliff5-3  (12)Details
  6:00 PM(RV) Doane @ (RV) Saint Thomas University6-7 Details
 21 Mayville State University @ Mount Marty5-3 Details
  Game 2Mayville State University @ Mount Marty2-0 Details
  10:00 AMMidland vs. Kansas Wesleyan University7-10 Details
 Spring Break Trip - March 18-23
  Game 2Midland vs. Kansas Wesleyan University7-6 Details
  1:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan vs. Carleton College10-7 Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Dakota State University3-6 Details
  5:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Dakota State University5-6 Details
  6:00 PM(RV) Doane @ (RV) Saint Thomas University4-7 Details
 22Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan vs. Luther College0-4 Details
  9:30 AMMidland vs. Augsburg College6-8 Details
 Spring Break Trip - March 18-23
  Game 2Midland vs. Augsburg College1-4 Details
  11:00 AMNebraska Wesleyan vs. Luther College6-12 Details
 23Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan vs. Carthage College2-3 Details
  7:00 AMNorthwestern vs. Macalester College0-4 Details
  Game 2Northwestern vs. Macalester College8-3 Details
  9:30 AMMidland vs. Wesleyan University5-16 Details
 Wesleyan University of Connecticut--Spring Break Trip - March 18-23
  12:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan vs. Carthage College1-10 Details
  3:00 PMDickinson State University @ Morningside8-4 Details
  Game 2Dickinson State University @ Morningside2-3 Details
  4:00 PMNorth Central University @ Dordt3-10 Details
  Game 2North Central University @ Dordt3-4  (8)Details
 24 Northwestern vs. Dakota Wesleyan2-1 Details
 at Metrodome (Non-Conference)
  Game 2Northwestern vs. Dakota Wesleyan7-0 Details
 at Metrodome (Non-Conference)
  9:00 AMNebraska Wesleyan vs. University of Wisconsin-Superior11-10 Details
  12:00 PMNorth Central University @ Dordt8-4 Details
  Game 2North Central University @ Dordt1-11 Details
  12:00 PMDickinson State University @ Briar Cliff2-3 Details
  Game 2Dickinson State University @ Briar Cliff1-10 Details
  1:00 PMValley City State University @ Concordia5-1 Details
  Game 2Valley City State University @ Concordia7-8  (8)Details
  1:00 PMUniversity of Winnipeg @ Mount Marty3-6 Details
  Game 2University of Winnipeg @ Mount Marty1-6 Details
  2:00 PMMayville State University @ Hastings6-1 Details
  Game 2Mayville State University @ Hastings6-4 Details
 2511:00 AMMayville State University @ Hastings1-0 Details
  Game 2Mayville State University @ Hastings8-2 Details
  11:00 AMDickinson State University @ Briar Cliff5-3 Details
  12:00 PMValley City State University @ Concordia6-13 Details
  Game 2Valley City State University @ Concordia0-2 Details
  1:00 PMUniversity of Winnipeg @ Mount Marty2-8 Details
  Game 2University of Winnipeg @ Mount Marty6-5 Details
  Game 2Dickinson State University @ Briar Cliff5-12 Details
 272:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Morningside1-5 Details
  2:00 PMMayville State University @ Dordt8-3 Details
  Game 2Mayville State University @ Dordt8-9  (8)Details
  4:00 PMConcordia @ (22) York College1-6 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ (22) York College3-5 Details
  5:00 PM(RV) Bellevue University @ Midland12-4 Details
  Game 2Mount Marty @ Dakota State University2-11 Details
 281:00 PMMayville State University @ Dakota Wesleyan8-6 Details
  Game 2Mayville State University @ Dakota Wesleyan6-3 Details
  5:00 PMNorthwestern @ Morningside1-10 Details
 292:00 PMGrand View University @ Briar Cliff6-9 Details
  Game 2Grand View University @ Briar Cliff6-5 Details
301:00 PMNorthwestern @ (RV) Doane1-2 Details
 Game 2Northwestern @ (RV) Doane1-5 Details
 4:00 PMDordt @ Hastings0-4 Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Hastings3-4 Details
 5:00 PMMount Marty @ Morningside3-6 Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Morningside2-3  (8)Details
3112:00 PMNorthwestern @ Hastings10-2 Details
 Game 2Northwestern @ Hastings3-4 Details
 1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Concordia4-3 Details
 Game 2Briar Cliff @ Concordia1-14 Details
 1:00 PMMorningside @ Midland6-4 Details
 Game 2Morningside @ Midland8-26 Details
 1:00 PMDordt @ (RV) Doane4-6  (8)Details
 Game 2Dordt @ (RV) Doane6-23 Details
 1:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Nebraska Wesleyan7-5 Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Nebraska Wesleyan7-14 Details
11:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Nebraska Wesleyan13-5 Details
 Game 2Briar Cliff @ Nebraska Wesleyan0-5 Details
 1:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Concordia6-0 Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Concordia4-9 Details
 1:00 PMMount Marty @ Midland2-1 Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Midland1-5 Details
 22:00 PMGrand View University @ Morningside6-12 Details
  Game 2Grand View University @ Morningside1-4 Details
  4:00 PMBellevue University @ (RV) Doane6-5 Details
 3Game 2Peru State College @ Dordt5-3 Details
  1:00 PMNorthwestern @ Waldorf College4-10 Details
  Game 2Northwestern @ Waldorf College3-5 Details
  2:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ University of Jamestown4-5 Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ University of Jamestown5-12 Details
  2:00 PMPeru State College @ Dordt13-1 Details
  2:00 PM(19) Avila University @ (RV) Doane4-3 Details
  Game 2(19) Avila University @ (RV) Doane5-4 Details
  3:00 PMUniversity of Sioux Falls @ Briar Cliff2-5 Details
  4:00 PM(RV) York College @ Concordia7-4 Details
  Game 2(RV) York College @ Concordia6-2 Details
  5:30 PMMount Marty @ Dakota State University1-3 Details
51:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Briar Cliff5-6 Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Briar Cliff2-1 Details
 1:00 PMDordt @ Morningside2-8 Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Morningside1-19 Details
 2:00 PMNorthwestern @ Mount Marty0-2 Details
 Game 2Northwestern @ Mount Marty5-1 Details
 4:30 PMMidland @ Hastings1-0 Details
 Game 2Midland @ Hastings5-1 Details
61:00 PMHastings @ Nebraska Wesleyan9-7  (12)Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Nebraska Wesleyan6-7 Details
 1:00 PMConcordia @ (RV) Doane1-6 Details
 Game 2Concordia @ (RV) Doane1-4 Details
71:00 PMMorningside @ Dakota Wesleyan17-2 Details
 Game 2Morningside @ Dakota Wesleyan9-0 Details
 1:00 PMMidland @ Concordia0-6 Details
 Game 2Midland @ Concordia4-12 Details
 1:00 PMMount Marty @ Dordt2-7 Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Dordt10-0 Details
 1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Northwestern1-5 Details
 Game 2Briar Cliff @ Northwestern2-3 Details
 1:00 PM(RV) Doane @ Nebraska Wesleyan0-4 Details
 Game 2(RV) Doane @ Nebraska Wesleyan1-2  (8)Details
 91:00 PMNorthwestern @ (19) Avila University2-1 Details
  Game 2Northwestern @ (19) Avila University6-2 Details
  2:00 PMYork College @ Briar Cliff16-2 Details
  Game 2York College @ Briar Cliff10-0 Details
  5:00 PMDakota State University @ Mount Marty8-2 Details
  Game 2Dakota State University @ Mount Marty5-2 Details
 103:00 PMMount Marty @ South Dakota State1-3 Details
  4:00 PMBriar Cliff @ University of Sioux Falls12-8 Details
  4:00 PM(RV) Bellevue University @ Morningside10-12 Details
  6:00 PM(RV) Doane @ York College11-12 Details
 11Game 2Dordt @ Peru State College5-6  (10)Details
  2:00 PMDakota State University @ Briar Cliff3-5 Details
  Game 2Dakota State University @ Briar Cliff7-6 Details
  3:00 PMConcordia @ Nebraska Wesleyan0-2 Details
13Game 2Briar Cliff @ Midland8-5 Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Dordt16-8 Details
 4:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Dordt13-6 Details
 5:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Northwestern1-2  (8)Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Northwestern5-2 Details
 5:00 PMHastings @ (RV) Morningside7-8 Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Morningside2-5 Details
 5:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Midland7-0 Details
1411:00 AMConcordia @ Dordt0-1 Details
 11:00 AMNebraska Wesleyan @ Northwestern7-2 Details
 Game 2Concordia @ Dordt8-1 Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Northwestern7-3 Details
152:00 PM(RV) Morningside @ Doane2-3 Details
 Game 2(RV) Morningside @ Doane4-5  (8)Details
164:00 PMDoane @ Mount Marty4-2 Details
 Game 2Doane @ Mount Marty4-3  (9)Details
1711:00 AMMount Marty @ Concordia3-5 Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Concordia8-5 Details
 2:00 PMMidland @ Dakota Wesleyan1-5 Details
 2:00 PMHastings @ Briar Cliff3-14 Details
  3:00 PMManhattan Christian College @ Nebraska Wesleyan2-10 Details
  4:00 PMDoane @ (RV) Bellevue University14-12 Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Briar Cliff3-4  (10)Details
 Game 2Midland @ Dakota Wesleyan7-8 Details
  Game 2Manhattan Christian College @ Nebraska Wesleyan2-3  (8)Details
 181:00 PMMorningside vs. University of Jamestown5-4 Details
  Game 2Morningside vs. University of Jamestown0-6 Details
  6:00 PMYork College @ Hastings10-0 Details
202:00 PMDordt @ Briar Cliff14-3 Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Briar Cliff7-3 Details
 4:30 PMNorthwestern @ Midland12-2 Details
 Game 2Northwestern @ Midland4-1 Details
211:00 PMConcordia @ Northwestern1-0 Details
 Game 2Concordia @ Northwestern3-4  (9)Details
 1:00 PMMorningside @ Nebraska Wesleyan6-3 Details
 Game 2Morningside @ Nebraska Wesleyan2-3 Details
 1:00 PMHastings @ Mount Marty1-8 Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Mount Marty2-5 Details
 1:00 PM(RV) Doane @ Dakota Wesleyan1-2 Details
 Game 2(RV) Doane @ Dakota Wesleyan4-3 Details
 2:00 PMMidland @ Dordt2-0 Details
 Game 2Midland @ Dordt4-0 Details
221:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Mount Marty0-8 Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Mount Marty7-8  (9)Details
 1:00 PMConcordia @ Morningside11-5 Details
 Game 2Concordia @ Morningside4-5  (8)Details
 2:00 PM(RV) Doane @ Briar Cliff2-0 Details
 4:00 PMHastings @ Dakota Wesleyan3-1 Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Dakota Wesleyan0-2 Details
 Game 2(RV) Doane @ Briar Cliff6-4  (10)Details
 24 Hastings @ York College1-9 Details
  4:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Concordia College-Moorhead1-0 Details
  4:00 PMDordt @ Dakota State University5-16 Details
  Game 2Dordt @ Dakota State University6-15 Details
255:00 PMNorthwestern @ Dordt14-2 Details
 Game 2Northwestern @ Dordt13-3 Details
261:00 PMDoane @ Hastings7-2 Details
 1:30 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Midland0-3 Details
 2:00 PMMount Marty @ Briar Cliff6-1 Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Midland4-0 Details
 4:00 PMDordt @ Dakota Wesleyan1-7 Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Dakota Wesleyan1-5 Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Briar Cliff3-7 Details
 Game 2Doane @ Hastings5-0 Details
 5:00 PMMorningside @ Northwestern5-6 Details
 Game 2Morningside @ Northwestern16-0 Details
281:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Concordia5-6  (8)Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Concordia5-2 Details
 1:00 PMMidland @ Doane9-8 Details
 Game 2Midland @ Doane5-10 Details
 1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Morningside1-3 Details
 Game 2Briar Cliff @ Morningside6-2 Details
 4:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Mount Marty12-3 Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Mount Marty0-14 Details
291:00 PMConcordia @ Hastings0-6 Details
 Game 2Concordia @ Hastings4-1 Details
  2:00 PMBriar Cliff vs. (RV) Bellevue University5-6 Details
 Cancer Awareness Game played at Werner Park in Papillion, NE
 39:15 AMBriar Cliff vs. Doane0-6 Details
 GPAC Baseball Tournament - Lincoln, Nebraska (Haymarket Park)
  12:00 PMMount Marty vs. Morningside4-1 Details
 GPAC Baseball Tournament - Lincoln, Nebraska (Sherman Field)
  12:15 PMNorthwestern vs. Dakota Wesleyan7-3 Details
 GPAC Baseball Tournament - Lincoln, Nebraska (Haymarket Park)
  2:30 PMConcordia vs. Nebraska Wesleyan1-3 Details
 GPAC Baseball Tournament - Lincoln, Nebraska (Sherman Field)
  6:00 PMNorthwestern vs. Doane2-1 Details
 GPAC Baseball Tournament - Lincoln, Nebraska (Sherman Field) - Winners Bracket
  6:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan vs. Mount Marty1-5 Details
 GPAC Baseball Tournament - Lincoln, Nebraska (Haymarket Park) - Winners Bracket
  8:30 PMBriar Cliff vs. Dakota Wesleyan0-3 Details
 GPAC Tournament
  8:30 PMConcordia vs. Morningside3-8 Details
 GPAC Baseball Tournament - Lincoln, Nebraska (Haymarket Park) - Elimination Game
 49:00 AMNorthwestern vs. Mount Marty4-13 Details
 GPAC Baseball Tournament - Lincoln, Nebraska (Haymarket Park) - Winners Bracket
  12:30 PMMorningside vs. (RV) Doane5-2 Details
 GPAC Baseball Tournament - Lincoln, Nebraska (Sherman Field ) - Elimination Game
  12:30 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. Nebraska Wesleyan3-6 Details
 GPAC Baseball Tournament - Lincoln, Nebraska (Haymarket Park) - Elimination Game
  4:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan vs. Northwestern8-12 Details
 GPAC Baseball Tournament - Lincoln, Nebraska (Haymarket Park) - Elimination Game
  8:45 PMMount Marty vs. Morningside6-5 Details
 GPAC Baseball Tournament - Lincoln, Nebraska (Haymarket Park) - MMC No Losses, MOR one loss
 512:00 PMNorthwestern vs. Mount Marty0-1  (9)Details
 GPAC Baseball Tournament - Lincoln, Nebraska (Haymarket Park) - Championship (MMC No Losses, NOR one loss)
 1011:00 AM(RV) Doane vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene University7-6  (11)Details
 NAIA National Opening Round Tournament - Marion, Indiana
  11:00 AM(RV) York College vs. Mount Marty7-8 Details
 NAIA National Opening Round Tournament - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  6:00 PMOklahoma City University vs. Mount Marty12-3 Details
 NAIA National Opening Round Tournament - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  8:00 PMConcordia University vs. Doane3-4 Details
 NAIA National Opening Round Tournament - Marion, Indiana
 114:00 PM(12) Point Park University vs. Doane9-1 Details
 NAIA National Opening Round Tournament - Marion, Indiana
 122:00 PM(9) Concordia University vs. Doane5-6 Details
 NAIA National Opening Round Tournament - Marion, Indiana
  6:00 PMLubbock Christian vs. Mount Marty11-1 Details
 NAIA National Opening Round Tournament - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  6:00 PMPoint Park University vs. Doane7-5 Details
 NAIA National Opening Round Tournament - Marion, Indiana (Championship #1)
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