2014 Baseball
2014 Baseball Schedule
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  • Event times are (CST)
 252:00 PMDoane @ University of Houston - Victoria3-5 Details
 2612:00 PMDoane @ University of Houston - Victoria7-1 Details
  Game 2Doane @ University of Houston - Victoria13-9 Details
 2711:00 AMDoane @ University of Houston - Victoria7-6 Details
 810:00 AMMidland vs. (7) Sterling College7-1 Details
  4:00 PMMidland vs. Friends University3-4 Details
 911:00 AMMidland vs. Friends University3-5 Details
 14Game 2(RV) Northwestern @ (RV) Bacone College3-4 Details
  12:00 PM(RV) Northwestern @ (RV) Bacone College10-11 Details
  1:00 PMMorningside vs. (RV) Tabor College4-8 Details
  Game 2Morningside @ (RV) Tabor College1-3 Details
 15Game 2Graceland University vs. (RV) Northwestern4-0 Details
  12:00 PMGraceland University vs. (RV) Northwestern0-5 Details
 played in Muskogee, Okla.
  1:00 PMMorningside vs. (RV) Tabor College2-6 Details
  Game 2Morningside @ (RV) Tabor College5-2 Details
  1:00 PMMount Mercy University @ Midland3-5 Details
  Game 2Mount Mercy University @ Midland6-24 Details
 161:00 PMConcordia @ Bethany College1-5 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ Bethany College1-2  (10)Details
 1712:00 PMConcordia @ Bethany College16-14  (9)Details
  Game 2Concordia @ Bethany College5-2 Details
  3:30 PM(14) Bellevue University @ Midland2-5 Details
 181:30 PMHastings @ Midland7-3 Details
  Game 2Hastings @ Midland3-17 Details
 191:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Manhattan Christian College0-3 Details
  3:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Manhattan Christian College7-5  (10)Details
 2110:30 AMAvila University vs. (RV) Northwestern4-6 Details
 played in Topeka, Kan.
  11:00 AMHastings @ Oklahoma Wesleyan University2-9 Details
 Username for live stats - nhzbdeteun
  1:00 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. Dickinson State University5-6 Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan vs. Dickinson State University14-4 Details
  2:00 PMMidland @ (RV) Bacone College0-6 Details
  2:00 PMMorningside vs. Kansas Wesleyan University8-7 Details
  Game 2Morningside vs. Kansas Wesleyan University10-4 Details
  2:00 PMDordt @ Manhattan Christian College11-8 Details
  Game 2Dordt @ Manhattan Christian College14-0 Details
  3:30 PM(RV) Northwestern vs. University of Winnipeg11-2 Details
 played in Topeka, Kan.
 22Game 2(RV) Northwestern vs. Presentation College1-0 Details
  10:30 AMDoane vs. Clarke University3-2 Details
  10:30 AMUniversity of Winnipeg vs. Mount Marty0-7 Details
  12:00 PMPresentation College vs. (RV) Northwestern0-10 Details
 played in Topeka, Kan.
  12:00 PMHastings @ Oklahoma Wesleyan University5-8 Details
  Game 2Hastings @ Oklahoma Wesleyan University4-9  (7)Details
  12:00 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. Dickinson State University1-0  (10)Details
  Game 2Avila University vs. Mount Marty1-3 Details
  12:00 PMDordt @ Manhattan Christian College8-0 Details
  Game 2Dordt @ Manhattan Christian College16-4 Details
  12:30 PMMidland @ (11) Oklahoma Baptist University0-4 Details
  1:00 PMMorningside vs. Kansas Wesleyan University1-6 Details
  Game 2Morningside vs. Kansas Wesleyan University1-2 Details
  1:00 PMConcordia @ Ottawa University0-4 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ Ottawa University13-3 Details
  1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Friends University6-5 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ Friends University1-11  (8)Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan vs. Dickinson State University7-8 Details
  Game 2Midland @ (11) Oklahoma Baptist University2-6 Details
  3:30 PMViterbo University vs. Doane9-7 Details
 2310:30 AMConcordia @ Ottawa University10-1 Details
  11:00 AMGrand View University vs. Doane1-2 Details
  12:00 PMPresentation College vs. Mount Marty0-4 Details
  Game 2Presentation College vs. Mount Marty1-8 Details
  1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Friends University6-5 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ Friends University0-5 Details
  1:30 PMCentral Methodist College vs. Doane4-14 Details
  1:30 PMConcordia vs. William Penn University1-6 Details
 2812:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ (7) Sterling College1-11 Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ (7) Sterling College2-3  (11)Details
  12:00 PMConcordia @ Oklahoma Wesleyan University0-14 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ Oklahoma Wesleyan University2-9 Details
  12:00 PMMidland vs. Ottawa University2-3 Details
  1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Bethany College0-3 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ Bethany College0-9 Details
  1:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Friends University1-9 Details
  Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Friends University0-2 Details
  Game 2Midland vs. Ottawa University7-1 Details
 112:00 PMOttawa University vs. Midland1-22 Details
  Game 2Ottawa University vs. Midland3-7 Details
  12:00 PMConcordia @ Oklahoma Wesleyan University1-11 Details
  Game 2Concordia @ Oklahoma Wesleyan University2-5 Details
  1:00 PM(RV) Northwestern @ Ottawa UniversityCNCL Details
  Game 2(RV) Northwestern @ Ottawa UniversityCNCL Details
  1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ (11) Oklahoma Baptist University1-2 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff @ (11) Oklahoma Baptist University0-4 Details
 21:00 PMMorningside vs. Concordia Illinois3-7 Details
 Tucson Games
 311:00 AMMorningside vs. Malone College3-5 Details
 Tucson Games
  Game 2Morningside vs. Malone College7-6 Details
  12:00 PMIndiana Wesleyan University vs. (RV) Northwestern2-3 Details
  2:30 PM(RV) Northwestern vs. Indiana Wesleyan University5-2 Details
 411:00 AMMalone College vs. (RV) Northwestern4-5  (8)Details
  12:00 PMMorningside vs. Saint Mary's University of Minnesota3-4 Details
 Tucson Games
  Game 2Morningside vs. Saint Mary's University of Minnesota15-3 Details
  1:30 PM(RV) Northwestern vs. Malone College6-1 Details
 510:00 AMMorningside vs. Arizona Christian12-13  (10)Details
 Tucson Games
 6 Morningside vs. Malone College12-4 Details
 Tucson Games
  1:00 PMPeru State College @ Doane4-2 Details
  4:00 PMMorningside vs. Indiana Wesleyan University11-6 Details
 Tucson Games
  4:00 PM(RV) Northwestern vs. Malone College14-9 Details
  7:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Kansas Wesleyan University9-5 Details
 Spring Break Trip
 72:00 PMKansas Wesleyan University vs. (RV) Northwestern4-6 Details
  4:30 PM(RV) Northwestern vs. Kansas Wesleyan University9-8 Details
 89:00 AMKansas Wesleyan University vs. Mount Marty10-7 Details
  Game 2Kansas Wesleyan University vs. Mount Marty1-4 Details
  11:00 AMMissouri Valley College vs. (RV) Northwestern4-13 Details
  11:00 AMDakota Wesleyan vs. Indiana Wesleyan University11-6 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan vs. Indiana Wesleyan University2-3 Details
  1:30 PM(RV) Northwestern vs. Missouri Valley College16-9 Details
  2:00 PMValley City State University @ Midland2-7 Details
  5:00 PMConcordia vs. Southwest Minnesota State6-7 Details
 Tucson Invitational
  8:00 PMConcordia vs. Wheaton College8-9 Details
 Tucson Invitational
 9Game 2Grace University @ Nebraska Wesleyan2-1 Details
  10:00 AMDakota Wesleyan vs. Missouri Valley College9-8 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan vs. Missouri Valley College6-1 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  1:00 PMDickinson State University @ Doane2-5 Details
 7 inn
  Game 2Hastings @ Friends University7-4  (7)Details
  1:00 PMGrace University @ Nebraska Wesleyan3-1 Details
  1:00 PMValley City State University @ Midland6-8 Details
  Game 2Valley City State University @ Midland4-16 Details
  2:00 PMHastings @ Friends University1-2  (7)Details
  3:00 PMBemidji State University vs. Mount Marty3-1 Details
  Game 2Bemidji State University vs. Mount Marty5-4  (8)Details
  Game 2Dickinson State University @ Doane1-11  (7)Details
 9 inn
  4:00 PMPresentation College vs. Briar Cliff0-6 Details
  4:00 PMConcordia vs. University of Jamestown2-4 Details
 Tucson Invitational
  Game 2Concordia vs. University of Jamestown4-11 Details
 Tucson Invitational
  6:00 PMBriar Cliff vs. Presentation College4-6 Details
 Spring Trip
 1010:00 AMDakota Wesleyan vs. University of Winnipeg9-4 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  10:00 AMPresentation College vs. Dordt4-7 Details
  11:00 AM(RV) Northwestern @ Arizona Christian6-3 Details
  1:30 PMDakota State University vs. Dordt5-11 Details
  1:45 PMDickinson State University @ Doane0-3 Details
 7 inn
  2:00 PMHastings @ Friends University1-7 Details
  Game 2Hastings @ Friends University4-9 Details
  3:45 PMMidland @ Nebraska Wesleyan17-4 Details
  4:00 PMPeru State College @ Doane1-6 Details
  4:00 PMDakota State University vs. Briar Cliff4-9 Details
 Spring Trip
  7:30 PMBriar Cliff vs. Missouri Valley College4-15  (6)Details
 Spring Trip
 119:30 AMConcordia vs. Missouri Valley College20-8 Details
 Tucson Invitational
  10:00 AMDakota Wesleyan vs. Minot State University8-10  (10)Details
 Spring Break Trip
  11:00 AMUniversity of Jamestown vs. Dordt7-5 Details
  Game 2University of Jamestown vs. Dordt5-2 Details
  1:00 PMMinot State University vs. Briar Cliff4-6 Details
 Spring Trip
  3:00 PMConcordia vs. Dakota State University8-4 Details
 Tucson Invitational
  3:00 PMOlivet Nazarene University vs. Mount Marty3-4 Details
  Game 2Olivet Nazarene University vs. Mount Marty5-6 Details
 121:00 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. University of Winnipeg19-9 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  2:00 PMConcordia Minnesota vs. Dordt18-5 Details
  3:00 PM(6) York College @ Hastings12-5 Details
  4:00 PMUniversity of Winnipeg vs. Briar Cliff5-6 Details
 Spring Trip
 13 University of Jamestown vs. Mount Marty9-1 Details
  Game 2University of Jamestown vs. Mount Marty8-7 Details
  10:00 AMDakota Wesleyan vs. Northern State University4-5 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  5:00 PMValley City State University vs. Dordt1-2 Details
  Game 2Valley City State University vs. Dordt5-4 Details
 1410:00 AMConcordia vs. Presentation College8-0 Details
 Tucson Invitational
  Game 2Concordia vs. Presentation College7-2 Details
  10:00 AM(RV) Mayville State University vs. Mount Marty7-5 Details
  Game 2(RV) Mayville State University vs. Mount Marty3-9 Details
  11:00 AMCentral College vs. Dordt4-3 Details
  1:30 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. Olivet Nazarene University7-1 Details
 Spring Break Trip
  2:00 PMMorningside @ Peru State College3-10 Details
  2:00 PMMount Mercy University @ Doane1-8 Details
  Game 2Mount Mercy University @ Doane1-12  (7)Details
  3:00 PMBriar Cliff vs. University of Jamestown0-3 Details
 Spring Trip
  3:30 PMGrace University @ Midland7-3 Details
  Game 2Grace University @ Midland0-4 Details
  5:00 PMUniversity of Jamestown vs. Briar Cliff15-6 Details
 Spring Trip
  Game 2Morningside @ Peru State College6-7 Details
  8:30 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. Valley City State University6-4 Details
 Spring Break Trip
 15Game 2Morningside @ Central Christian College9-7 Details
  9:00 AMOlivet Nazarene University vs. Briar Cliff2-3 Details
  10:00 AMConcordia vs. Dickinson State University16-3 Details
 Tucson Invitational
  Game 2Concordia vs. Dickinson State University6-1 Details
  11:00 AMBriar Cliff vs. Olivet Nazarene University3-5 Details
 Spring Trip
  12:00 PMMount Mercy University @ Doane2-6 Details
  12:00 PMMorningside @ Central Christian College4-2 Details
  1:00 PM(RV) Northwestern @ William Penn University6-5  (8)Details
  Game 2(RV) Northwestern @ William Penn University3-1 Details
  1:00 PMBuena Vista University @ Nebraska Wesleyan5-2  (9)Details
  Game 2Buena Vista University @ Nebraska Wesleyan9-6 Details
  1:30 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. Minot State University8-11 Details
 Spring Break Trip
 161:00 PMBuena Vista University @ Nebraska Wesleyan6-0 Details
  3:00 PMDickinson State University vs. Hastings6-12 Details
  Game 2Dickinson State University vs. Hastings6-9 Details
 1711:00 AM(RV) Mayville State University vs. Doane1-3 Details
  1:00 PMHastings vs. Grace University8-2 Details
  2:30 PMDoane vs. (RV) Mayville State University0-2 Details
  3:00 PMMidland vs. (5) Oklahoma City University11-1 Details
  Game 2Midland vs. (5) Oklahoma City University4-9 Details
  4:30 PM(RV) Northwestern @ Augustana College-Sioux Falls5-16 Details
 189:00 AMHastings vs. Valley City State University7-11 Details
 Spring Trip to Arizona Mar. 15-22
  3:00 PMValley City State University vs. Doane6-15 Details
  7:00 PM(RV) Mayville State University vs. Doane9-16 Details
 1912:00 PMMidland vs. Southwestern Christian University10-1 Details
  Game 2Midland vs. Southwestern Christian University8-1 Details
  2:00 PMMorningside @ (6) York College4-3 Details
  Game 2Morningside @ (6) York College4-5  (8)Details
  3:00 PMBriar Cliff @ (14) Bellevue University1-11 Details
 2011:00 AMGrace University vs. Doane4-2 Details
  2:00 PMMidland @ Baker University10-5 Details
  Game 2Midland @ Baker University7-6  (10)Details
  2:30 PMValley City State University vs. Hastings11-5 Details
  2:30 PMDickinson State University vs. Doane9-7 Details
  3:00 PMDakota State University vs. Dakota Wesleyan7-9 Details
  Game 2Dakota State University vs. Dakota Wesleyan2-5 Details
 2111:00 AMBethesda University of California vs. Doane3-2 Details
  12:00 PMHastings vs. (RV) Mayville State University5-4  (8)Details
  Game 2Hastings vs. (RV) Mayville State University3-8 Details
  1:00 PMDordt @ Peru State College7-8  (8)Details
  1:30 PMUniversity of Jamestown @ Briar Cliff8-6 Details
  2:30 PMValley City State University vs. Doane4-8 Details
  3:00 PMUniversity of Winnipeg @ Mount Marty1-16 Details
  Game 2University of Winnipeg @ Mount Marty1-8 Details
  Game 2University of Jamestown @ Briar Cliff4-0 Details
  4:00 PM(RV) Northwestern vs. Viterbo University6-2 Details
 played at Pleasant Hill, Iowa
  Game 2(RV) Northwestern vs. Viterbo University4-9 Details
  5:00 PMDordt @ Peru State College6-7 Details
 223:00 PMUniversity of Winnipeg @ Mount Marty3-6 Details
 2312:00 PMUniversity of Winnipeg @ Mount Marty0-2 Details
  Game 2University of Winnipeg @ Mount Marty1-5 Details
  1:00 PMDakota State University @ Concordia6-5 Details
  Game 2Dakota State University @ Concordia9-5 Details
  1:00 PMConcordia College-Moorhead @ Nebraska Wesleyan9-1 Details
  Game 2Concordia College-Moorhead @ Nebraska Wesleyan7-4 Details
  2:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Midland4-20 Details
  2:00 PMUniversity of Jamestown @ Morningside4-5  (12)Details
  5:00 PMConcordia College-Moorhead @ Nebraska Wesleyan12-8 Details
 253:00 PM(RV) Northwestern @ Waldorf CollegeCNCL Details
  Game 2(RV) Northwestern @ Waldorf CollegeCNCL Details
  4:30 PMGrace University @ Midland4-10 Details
 Fremont, Neb.
  5:00 PMHastings @ (6) York College3-9 Details
 261:00 PMPresentation College @ Dakota Wesleyan4-17 Details
  Game 2Presentation College @ Dakota Wesleyan0-4 Details
  5:00 PMWayne State College @ Morningside9-2 Details
  5:00 PMDakota State University @ Mount Marty1-4 Details
  5:30 PM(10) Bellevue University @ Midland2-9 Details
 2811:30 AMCarleton College @ Nebraska Wesleyan3-2  (10)Details
 1:00 PM(18) Northwestern @ (RV) Doane1-2 Details
 Game 2(18) Northwestern @ (RV) Doane2-4 Details
 4:30 PMDordt @ Hastings8-4  (7)Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Hastings2-4 Details
2912:00 PM(18) Northwestern @ Hastings12-3  (7)Details
 Game 2(18) Northwestern @ Hastings16-3 Details
 1:00 PMMorningside @ Midland3-8 Details
 Game 2Morningside @ Midland0-11 Details
 1:00 PMDordt @ (RV) Doane0-10 Details
 Game 2Dordt @ (RV) Doane0-9 Details
 1:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Nebraska Wesleyan9-3 Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Nebraska Wesleyan3-4 Details
 1:30 PMBriar Cliff @ Concordia7-5 Details
 Game 2Briar Cliff @ Concordia15-4 Details
301:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Concordia13-14 Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Concordia8-10 Details
 1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Nebraska Wesleyan16-1 Details
 1:00 PMMount Marty @ Midland3-8 Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Midland2-3 Details
 Game 2Briar Cliff @ Nebraska Wesleyan6-1 Details
 313:00 PMUniversity of Winnipeg @ (RV) Doane6-28 Details
  Game 2University of Winnipeg @ (RV) Doane3-12  (6)Details
 game called after Top of 6 due to darkness
 11:30 PMDakota State University @ Briar Cliff13-5 Details
  Game 2Dakota State University @ Briar Cliff3-2 Details
  2:00 PMUniversity of Winnipeg @ (RV) Doane5-10 Details
  Game 2University of Winnipeg @ (RV) Doane4-10 Details
  4:00 PMMorningside @ (10) Bellevue University5-6 Details
  6:00 PM(RV) Midland @ York College2-3 Details
 2Game 2Presentation College @ Dordt5-4  (9)Details
  12:00 PMPresentation College @ Dordt4-3 Details
 2:00 PMMount Marty @ Morningside1-2 Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Morningside7-14 Details
51:00 PMBriar Cliff @ (RV) Midland0-7 Details
 Game 2Briar Cliff @ (RV) Midland0-8 Details
 1:00 PMDordt @ Concordia5-3 Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Concordia8-6 Details
 1:00 PM(19) Doane @ Mount Marty3-0 Details
 Game 2(19) Doane @ Mount Marty8-3 Details
 1:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan vs. (RV) Northwestern5-6  (9)Details
 @ Lincoln, Nebr.
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan vs. (RV) Northwestern2-3 Details
 @ Lincoln, Nebr.
61:00 PM(RV) Midland @ Dakota Wesleyan3-4  (8)Details
 Game 2(RV) Midland @ Dakota Wesleyan10-4 Details
 1:00 PMMount Marty @ Concordia2-13 Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Concordia9-5 Details
 1:00 PMMorningside @ (19) Doane0-5 Details
 Game 2Morningside @ (19) Doane0-1 Details
 1:30 PMHastings @ Briar Cliff5-4 Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Briar Cliff1-8 Details
74:00 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. (RV) Northwestern2-5 Details
 Voss Park, South Sioux City, NE
 4:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Dordt3-2 Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Dordt6-3 Details
  4:00 PMYork College @ Briar Cliff7-4  (10)Details
 6:00 PMDakota Wesleyan vs. Northwestern1-3 Details
81:00 PMHastings @ Morningside0-4 Details
  3:00 PMMount Marty @ South Dakota State3-16 Details
  3:00 PMDordt @ Waldorf College7-8 Details
  Game 2Dordt @ Waldorf College1-13 Details
  4:00 PM(RV) Midland @ Grace University0-3 Details
  4:00 PM(16) Doane @ Peru State College6-2 Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Morningside5-6  (10)Details
  5:30 PM(17) Bellevue University vs. (RV) Northwestern5-8 Details
 at Sioux Center, Iowa
 94:00 PM(RV) University of Jamestown @ Dakota Wesleyan5-2 Details
  Game 2(RV) University of Jamestown @ Dakota Wesleyan7-3 Details
  4:30 PMDakota State University @ Mount Marty6-4 Details
  Game 2Dakota State University @ Mount Marty5-10 Details
 102:00 PMGrand View University @ Briar Cliff10-0 Details
 Rescheduled from March 27th
  Game 2Grand View University @ Briar Cliff4-5  (8)Details
112:00 PMDordt @ Briar Cliff8-9  (8)Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Briar Cliff7-8 Details
 Spring Fling Weekend for Family and Alumni
 4:00 PM(24) Northwestern @ (RV) Midland5-6 Details
 Game 2(24) Northwestern @ (RV) Midland3-0 Details
1211:00 AMMorningside @ Nebraska Wesleyan0-2 Details
 1:00 PM(16) Doane @ Dakota Wesleyan5-0 Details
 Game 2(16) Doane @ Dakota Wesleyan3-1 Details
 Game 2Morningside @ Nebraska Wesleyan20-6  (7)Details
 1:00 PMConcordia @ (24) Northwestern1-3 Details
 Game 2Concordia @ (24) Northwestern1-14  (7)Details
 1:00 PM(RV) Midland @ Dordt8-0 Details
 Game 2(RV) Midland @ Dordt8-4 Details
 1:00 PMHastings @ Mount Marty5-3 Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Mount Marty10-5 Details
141:00 PMHastings @ Dakota Wesleyan0-3 Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Dakota Wesleyan1-6 Details
 1:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Mount Marty7-4  (9)Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Mount Marty3-5 Details
152:00 PM(16) Doane @ Briar Cliff6-3 Details
 Senior Day
 Game 2(16) Doane @ Briar Cliff13-11 Details
  4:00 PMNorthwest Missouri State @ (RV) Midland4-3 Details
 4:00 PMConcordia @ Morningside3-7 Details
 Game 2Concordia @ Morningside11-7 Details
  5:00 PMWaldorf College @ (24) Northwestern2-16 Details
  Game 2Waldorf College @ (24) Northwestern5-9 Details
  5:30 PMDordt @ Mount Marty4-9 Details
 165:30 PMConcordia @ York College5-11 Details
171:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Briar Cliff7-2 Details
 2:00 PM(20) Northwestern @ Mount Marty4-2 Details
 3:00 PMDordt @ Morningside2-6 Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Briar Cliff  Details
 Game 2(20) Northwestern @ Mount Marty  Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Morningside  Details
181:00 PMConcordia @ (13) Doane  Details
 Game 2Concordia @ (13) Doane  Details
 2:00 PMHastings @ Nebraska Wesleyan  Details
 Game 2Hastings @ Nebraska Wesleyan  Details
191:00 PMBriar Cliff @ (20) Northwestern  Details
 Game 2Briar Cliff @ (20) Northwestern  Details
 1:00 PMMount Marty @ Dordt  Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Dordt  Details
 1:00 PM(RV) Midland @ Concordia  Details
 Game 2(RV) Midland @ Concordia  Details
 1:00 PMMorningside @ Dakota Wesleyan  Details
 Game 2Morningside @ Dakota Wesleyan  Details
 1:00 PM(13) Doane @ Nebraska Wesleyan  Details
 Game 2(13) Doane @ Nebraska Wesleyan  Details
 211:00 PMGraceland University @ Morningside  Details
  Game 2Graceland University @ Morningside  Details
  1:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Gustavus Adolphus  Details
  Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Gustavus Adolphus  Details
 2:00 PM(RV) Midland @ Hastings  Details
 Game 2(RV) Midland @ Hastings  Details
  4:00 PMPeru State College @ Briar Cliff  Details
 224:00 PMMorningside @ Dordt  Details
  4:00 PMPeru State College @ Nebraska Wesleyan  Details
  5:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ North Dakota State  Details
  5:30 PMConcordia @ York College  Details
242:00 PMMount Marty @ Briar Cliff  Details
 Game 2Mount Marty @ Briar Cliff  Details
 4:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ (RV) Midland  Details
 Senior Day
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ (RV) Midland  Details
 4:30 PM(13) Doane @ Hastings  Details
 Game 2(13) Doane @ Hastings  Details
 5:00 PMMorningside @ (20) Northwestern  Details
 Game 2Morningside @ (20) Northwestern  Details
 5:00 PMDordt @ Dakota Wesleyan  Details
 Game 2Dordt @ Dakota Wesleyan  Details
254:30 PMConcordia @ Hastings  Details
 Game 2Concordia @ Hastings  Details
2612:00 PM(RV) Midland @ (13) Doane  Details
 Game 2(RV) Midland @ (13) Doane  Details
 1:00 PMNebraska Wesleyan @ Concordia  Details
 Game 2Nebraska Wesleyan @ Concordia  Details
 1:00 PMBriar Cliff @ Morningside  Details
 Game 2Briar Cliff @ Morningside  Details
 1:00 PM(20) Northwestern @ Dordt  Details
 Game 2(20) Northwestern @ Dordt  Details
 4:00 PMDakota Wesleyan @ Mount Marty  Details
 Game 2Dakota Wesleyan @ Mount Marty  Details
 273:00 PMBriar Cliff vs. (21) Bellevue University  Details
 Cancer Awareness Game
 1 Hastings @ TBA  Details
 GPAC Tournament May 1-3 @ DWU
   Midland vs. TBA  Details
 GPAC Postseason Tournament
* Conference Event
% Exhibition/Scrimmage Event
Event times are (CST)
  • * Conference Event
  • %Scrimmage
  • ^ Exhibition
  • Event times are (CST)
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