1Davenport University
2University of Saint Francis
3University of Saint Francis
4Indiana Wesleyan University
5Union College
6Briar Cliff University
7Tabor College
8Northwest Christian University
9Bethel College
10Keiser University
13Dakota Wesleyan University
RVMidland University
Dakota Wesleyan at Ppd
Senior Night
Dakota Wesleyan at 7:00 pm
Doane CST
Senior Night
Dakota Wesleyan at 7:00 pm
Doane CST
Senior Night
Wednesday, Feb 10
Men's Tennis
Cowley College vs 8:00 am
Midland CST
Cowley College vs 12:00 pm
Doane CST
Women's Basketball
Doane at 6:00 pm
College of Saint Mary CST
(11)Hastings at 6:00 pm
Nebraska Wesleyan CST
(9)Briar Cliff at 6:00 pm
Dordt CST
Midland at 6:00 pm
(12)Concordia CST
(16)Dakota Wesleyan at 6:00 pm
(2)Morningside CST
(RV)Mount Marty at 6:00 pm
Northwestern CST
Men's Basketball
York College at 7:00 pm
Doane CST
Doane at 7:00 pm
Briar Cliff CST
Men's Basketball
Hastings at 8:00 pm
Nebraska Wesleyan CST
(6)Briar Cliff at 8:00 pm
Dordt CST
(RV)Midland at 8:00 pm
Concordia CST
(13)Dakota Wesleyan at 8:00 pm
Morningside CST
Mount Marty at 8:00 pm
Northwestern CST
Thursday, Feb 11
Morningside at 7:00 pm
Concordia CST
Waldorf College at 7:00 pm
Northwestern CST
Friday, Feb 12
Men's Indoor T&F
Doane at  
Concordia Invitational
Midland at  
SDSU Indoor Classic
Dakota Wesleyan at Ppd
Senior Night
Hastings at 18
Benedictine College 31
Hastings vs 47
Bethany College 6
Hastings at 4
Friends University 5
Women's Tennis
College of Saint Mary vs 1
University of Sioux Falls 8
Dakota Wesleyan at 0
Chadron State College 53
Saturday, Feb 6
Men's Basketball
Hastings at 90
Northwestern 88
(RV)Midland at 92
Dordt 79
Nebraska Wesleyan at 107
(13)Dakota Wesleyan 97
Concordia at 83
Morningside 79
Doane at 77
Mount Marty 66
Men's Tennis
Grand View University vs 5
Doane 4
Fremont YMCA
Midland at 10
Dallas Christian College 10
Dallas Christian Tournament
Dordt at Ppd
Briar Cliff  
BCU Dome Tournament (Charger Dome - South Sioux City, NE)
Women's Tennis
Northwestern vs 8
Bethany Lutheran College 1
Women's Basketball
(11)Hastings at 60
Northwestern 61
College of Saint Mary at 81
(9)Briar Cliff 77
Midland at 64
Dordt 74
Nebraska Wesleyan at 56
(16)Dakota Wesleyan 79
(12)Concordia at 65
(2)Morningside 79
GPAC Weather

From extreme heat to frigid cold, from blizzards to thunderstorms, we've got it all in the GPAC. And sometimes the weather affects our athletic schedules. Use this page to get the current conditions and latest forecast before you travel to a GPAC contest.

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