2Morningside16-2.88924-2.92312-210-02-0Won 5
16Dakota Wesleyan12-6.66719-6.76010-39-30-0Won 3
12Concordia11-7.61119-7.73110-26-53-0Lost 1
9Briar Cliff11-7.61118-7.7209-48-31-0Lost 2
11Hastings11-7.61117-8.68010-45-42-0Lost 2
RVMount Marty11-7.61117-9.6548-48-51-0Won 2
 Northwestern9-9.50014-10.5837-56-41-1Won 1
 College of Saint Mary8-10.44414-11.5605-77-42-0Won 2
 Doane7-11.38914-12.5384-77-53-0Lost 1
 Midland5-13.2787-18.2804-73-100-1Lost 12
 Dordt4-14.2228-17.3203-74-101-0Won 1
 Nebraska Wesleyan3-15.1674-17.1901-82-81-1Lost 3
1Saint Xavier University
2Morningside College
3Marian University
4College of the Ozarks
5University of Saint Francis
6Olivet Nazarene University
7Southern Oregon University
8University of Jamestown
9Briar Cliff University
10Davenport University
11Hastings College
12Concordia University
16Dakota Wesleyan University
RVMount Marty College
No Events Today
Wednesday, Feb 10
Women's Basketball
Doane at 6:00 pm
College of Saint Mary CST
(11)Hastings at 6:00 pm
Nebraska Wesleyan CST
(9)Briar Cliff at 6:00 pm
Dordt CST
Home Media
Visitor Media"
Midland at 6:00 pm
(12)Concordia CST
(16)Dakota Wesleyan at 6:00 pm
(2)Morningside CST
(RV)Mount Marty at 6:00 pm
Northwestern CST
Friday, Feb 12
Women's Basketball
(16)Dakota Wesleyan at 5:00 pm
Grace University CST
Saturday, Feb 13
Women's Basketball
(9)Briar Cliff at 2:00 pm
(11)Hastings CST
Home Media
Visitor Media"
(RV)Mount Marty at 2:00 pm
Midland CST
Senior Day
Dordt at 2:00 pm
Nebraska Wesleyan CST
(2)Morningside at 2:00 pm
Doane CST
(16)Dakota Wesleyan at 2:00 pm
College of Saint Mary CST
Northwestern at 2:00 pm
(12)Concordia CST
Wednesday, Feb 17
Women's Basketball
Midland at 6:00 pm
(11)Hastings CST
(2)Morningside at 6:00 pm
(9)Briar Cliff CST
Dordt at 6:00 pm
(RV)Mount Marty CST
Nebraska Wesleyan at 6:00 pm
Doane CST
Northwestern at 6:00 pm
(16)Dakota Wesleyan CST
College of Saint Mary at 7:00 pm
(12)Concordia CST
Saturday, Feb 20
Women's Basketball
(11)Hastings at 2:00 pm
(16)Dakota Wesleyan CST
Saturday, Feb 6
Women's Basketball
(11)Hastings at 60
Northwestern 61
College of Saint Mary at 81
(9)Briar Cliff 77
Midland at 64
Dordt 74
Nebraska Wesleyan at 56
(16)Dakota Wesleyan 79
(12)Concordia at 65
(2)Morningside 79
Doane at 67
(RV)Mount Marty 72
Thursday, Feb 4
Women's Basketball
Doane at 58
(11)Hastings 57
Runza Wrap Night
Grace University at 50
(12)Concordia 85
Wednesday, Feb 3
Women's Basketball
(RV)Mount Marty at 88
(9)Briar Cliff 81
Midland at 50
College of Saint Mary 72
Dordt at 57
(16)Dakota Wesleyan 80
(2)Morningside at 80
Northwestern 65
(12)Concordia at 65
Nebraska Wesleyan 51
Saturday, Jan 30
Women's Basketball
(7)Concordia vs 75
Concordia University-Wisconsin 53
Concordia Invitational Tournament
(RV)Mount Marty at 63
(13)Hastings 75
(12)Briar Cliff at 68
Midland 57
Dordt at 60
Grace University 42
(15)Dakota Wesleyan at 72
Doane 66
Northwestern at 77
Nebraska Wesleyan 54
(2)Morningside at 84
College of Saint Mary 71
News Photo
GPAC Week Nine Women's Basketball Honor Announced
Women's Basketball - Mon, Jan. 28, 2013

The Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC) and Hauff Mid-America Sports are proud to announce the following women's basketball players-of-the-week for games played January 21 – January 27, 2013.  Hauff Mid-America Sports is the presenting sponsor of the 2012-2013 GPAC Players-of-the-Week and Players and Coaches-of-the-Year awards program.

Hauff Mid-America Sports/GPAC Women's Basketball Player-of-the-Week
Laurel Zwiener, Hastings College  - Center

Hastings' center Laurel Zwiener is this week's GPAC/Hauff Mid-America Sports Women's Basketball Player-of-the-Week. Zwiener, a junior from Pleasanton, Nebraska, had a career day in the upset win of No. 9 Northwestern scoring a career high 22 points.  For the game she was 7-9 from the field and 8-11 from the line. The win improved the Broncos to 12-12 overall and 7-7 in the GPAC.

GPAC Basketball This Week
(GPAC Games Only)

Tuesday, January 29

Nebraska Wesleyan University at Concordia University

Wednesday, January 30
Doane College at Briar Cliff University
Dordt College at Northwestern College
Midland University at Hastings College
Dakota Wesleyan University at Morningside College
Saturday, February 2
Briar Cliff University at Mount Marty College
Hastings College at Dordt College
Concordia University at Northwestern College
Nebraska Wesleyan University at Morningside College
Midland University at Dakota Wesleyan University