1Morningside College
2Baker University
3Grand View University
4University of Saint Francis
5Montana Tech of the Univ of Montana
6Marian University
7Southern Oregon University
8Tabor College
9Doane College
10Kansas Wesleyan University
14Dakota Wesleyan University
RVConcordia University
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Friday, Nov 27
Women's Basketball
Dakota Wesleyan at 5:00 pm
Southwestern College CST
(RV)Valley City State University vs 5:00 pm
(15)College of Saint Mary CST
Thanksgiving Classic
Men's Basketball
(20)Tabor College vs 6:00 pm
(RV)Northwestern CST
@ Dordt Classic
(RV)University of Jamestown at 7:00 pm
(19)Midland CST
Draemel Classic
Women's Basketball
Oglala Lakota at 7:00 pm
(RV)Hastings CST
HC Thanksgiving Classic
Dakota State University at 7:00 pm
(RV)Northwestern CST
@ Northwestern College Classic
Men's Basketball
University of Dubuque at 7:30 pm
Nebraska Wesleyan CST
Oglala Lakota at 8:00 pm
(13)Dordt CST
Saturday, Nov 28
(8)Tabor College at 12:00 pm
(1)Morningside CST
NAIA Championship Series Quarterfinal
Men's Basketball
Oglala Lakota vs 1:00 pm
(RV)Northwestern CST
@ Dordt Classic
Women's Basketball
Dakota Wesleyan at 1:00 pm
Oglala Lakota CST
Dakota State University vs 2:00 pm
(15)College of Saint Mary CST
Thanksgiving Classic
Men's Basketball
(20)Tabor College at 3:00 pm
(13)Dordt CST
Morningside at 3:00 pm
Mayville State University CST
Women's Basketball
Southwestern College at 3:00 pm
(RV)Hastings CST
HC Thanksgiving Classic
Dordt at 3:00 pm
Augustana College-Sioux Falls CST
Doane at 4:00 pm
Ashford University CST
Ashford Classic
(RV)Valley City State University at 4:00 pm
(RV)Northwestern CST
@ Northwestern College Classic
Men's Basketball
(RV)Dakota State University at 7:00 pm
(19)Midland CST
Draemel Classic
Central College at 7:30 pm
Nebraska Wesleyan CST
Tuesday, Nov 24
Men's Basketball
(9)Briar Cliff at 104
(RV)Northwestern 81
(19)Midland at 95
Nebraska Wesleyan 102
(13)Dordt at (OT) 83
Morningside 85
Concordia at 84
Doane 81
Mount Marty at 75
(24)Dakota Wesleyan 104
(15)Doane at 22
Midland 19
Women's Basketball
(15)College of Saint Mary at 60
(RV)Hastings 72
(7)Briar Cliff at 64
(RV)Northwestern 77
Midland at 59
Nebraska Wesleyan 69
Dordt at 59
(1)Morningside 84
(4)Concordia at 71
Doane 66
Mount Marty at 47
Dakota Wesleyan 72
Sunday, Nov 22
Men's Basketball
Hastings at 74
University of Nebraska-Kearney 98
Saturday, Nov 21
Mount Mercy University at 0
(13)Dordt 3
NAIA National Championship Opening Round
Men's Basketball
Morningside at (OT) 99
Concordia 110
Women's Basketball
(1)Morningside at 77
(4)Concordia 66
Men's Basketball
(RV)Northwestern at 99
Hastings 107
(9)Briar Cliff at 107
Grace University 76
Mount Marty at 71
Doane 86
(24)Dakota Wesleyan at 125
Nebraska Wesleyan 102
News Photo
NWU Claims 2011-12 Dr. Myrvin Christropherson All-Academic Award
GPAC - Mon, Oct. 22, 2012

The Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC) is proud to announce the winner of the 2011-12 GPAC-Christopherson All-Academic Award.    Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska, claims the honor with the combined GPA of 3.29 among all of their student-athletes for the 2011-2012 academic year.  The Prairie Wolves won the award for the third time in school history.

"On behalf of the membership of the GPAC I want to commend Nebraska Wesleyan on winning the Dr. Christopherson All-Academic Award for 2011-12," said Corey Westra, GPAC Commissioner.  "A combined GPA of 3.29 with almost 500 student-athletes speaks volumes to the hard work and commitment of the Nebraska Wesleyan student-athletes, professors, coaches, and administrators."  "Nebraska Wesleyan is a charter member of the league and has won the All-Sports Trophy many times in the past and to win this award is a credit to their commitment to academics at their University," added Westra.

"We expect Nebraska Wesleyan student-athletes to be outstanding students AND outstanding athletes," said Nebraska Wesleyan Faculty Athletic Representative Dr. Loy Watley. "The preparation and hard work they put into their sports matches the preparation and hard work they put into their studies. Our faculty, staff, coaches, and administrators are excited to join the GPAC in recognizing the outstanding work of Nebraska Wesleyan's student-athletes."

"We are very excited and proud that our student athletes are the recipients of the 2011-12 Dr. Myrvin Christopherson All-Academic Award," said Nebraska Wesleyan Athletic Director Dr. Ira Zeff.  "One of Nebraska Wesleyan's core values is excellence and this achievement is another example of our student-athletes long standing tradition of excellence on the field and in the classroom." 

The Christopherson All-Academic Award, which began in 2005-2006, is named in honor of former Dana College* President Dr. Myrvin Christopherson's faithful and long-term service to student-athletes in the GPAC.  Dr. Christopherson retired following the 2004-2005 academic year after 19 years of dedicated leadership at Dana College.

President Christopherson served as the first chair of the GPAC Council of Presidents, which was formed in 2004.  Dr. Christopherson was very active with the NAIA serving on the Council of Presidents for many years up until his retirement.  In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Christopherson was a Viking student athlete himself, playing for the men's basketball and baseball teams.

Concordia University and Hastings College were second and third in the overall All-Academic standings for 2011-12 with 3.23 and 3.21 GPA's respectively.  Morningside College had the top GPA among women's sports with a 3.44, while Nebraska Wesleyan led the men's sports with a 3.22.


GPAC Christopherson All-Academic Award Winners

2005-2006 – Mount Marty College

2006-2007 – Mount Marty College

2007-2008 – Mount Marty College

2008-2009 – Nebraska Wesleyan University

2009-2010 – Not Awarded**

2010-2011 – Nebraska Wesleyan University

2011-2012 – Nebraska Wesleyan University


*Dana College was a charter member of the Nebraska-Intercollegiate (Iowa) Athletic Conference (1969) and Great Plains Athletic Conference (2000).  The college closed in the summer of 2010 after 126 years of operation in Blair, Nebraska.  The GPAC Christopherson All-Academic Award continues in the conference to honor Dr. Christopherson's  many years of service.

**The Christopherson All-Academic Award was not awarded for 2009-2010 in recognition of Dana College's closure.  The GPAC wished to honor Dana's many years of membership in the NIAC and GPAC by not awarding the Christopherson All-Academic Award for one year.